What is Shiatsu?

Healing Arts

The oriental healing arts often emphasise creating balance and flow within an individual's life as reflected in Nature. "As within, so without". These movement forms like T'ai Chi are based on moving from our centres or hara. Their practice can teach us about increasing our own positive resources and protecting us from the negative forces. Shiatsu in essence is a way of listening to what is going on from the perspective of your body first and foremost rather than from your mind.

The Key with Shiatsu

Shiatsu honours both Spirit and the body; my role is about making meaningful contact with you as a unique individual by means of empathy, deep listening and clear presence.

The Ki/Chi of Shiatsu

Once that connection feels good, then what matters is simply letting go of controlling the session and allowing a natural, easeful flow towards relaxation and healing.

Revitalising the Individual

A lot of healing may occur when the body-mind returns to balance and homeostasis. One profound aspect of Shiatsu is the deep rest you may receive from a session. Allowing rest and sufficient pauses in one's life may really help the whole nervous system to stay rooted in a deeper silence, anchored in the Earth and so vital in today's dysfunctional world

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