How Shiatsu might help You

You may be unsure what your priorities are in terms of health and well-being or perhaps there's an echo of anxiety around. You could also come for a session with a more obvious issue, eg feeling run-down.

Fundamental to Shiatsu is an awareness of how energy patterns manifest in your body which elucidates the meaning behind the phrase 'the body never lies'.

Where Shiatsu may help and may support your healing process:

a) Providing SUPPORT:

You may be feeling under pressure, and not quite on top of your game.

b) Creating OPENNESS:

You may be tackling a project or issue that is not flowing as it could - causing some sleepless nights.
Talking it through and receiving shiatsu often allow the energy to move again

c) Inspiring CONFIDENCE:

If you are feeling moody or vulnerable then Shiatsu can bring light into the darkness and
change your whole vibe

d) Support and GUIDANCE:

If you're coping with a serious illness, gentle shiatsu may guide you back to wellness

e) Restoring ENERGY:

Are you nursing an injury that hasn't fully healed which would benefit from some assistance?

f) Relaxation around CONCEPTION:

Shiatsu can bring you to a relaxed place at ease with the choices here

NB It is now well understood that the relaxation response is important for health and well-being,
and that continued stress through poor life patterns can be a cause of ill-health


Maybe you want to lose weight and feel more resilient - Shiatsu can provide necessary focus
and encourage positive change at your own pace

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