About Kalandar

In 1987 I studied for one year with the Bristol School of Shiatsu before transferring to the Healing Shiatsu Education Centre whose Principal was the late great Sensei Sonia Moriceau (1988-95). Sonia was indeed a very fine teacher and human being and it was such a privilege to study with her. In 1996, I qualified to be on the Register of the Shiatsu Society of the UK (MRSS) and I also graduated from the Bath School of Shiatsu training in 2012. I have a Diploma of Movement Shiatsu following additional studies with Bill Palmer (2017)

Two principal directions that have informed my life are firstly to reach towards goals that inspire me, that both lead to growth and yet may be challenging; and secondly to keep one's feet on the ground, to walk on the Earth lightly and humbly and to see each day as a gift.

My interests are several and varied including cycling, tennis, engaging with my yoga-meditation practice, dancing 5 Rhythms and also Open Floor work, singing, activism and social awareness and of course nourishing relationships. Music and Art.


If you look around with an open heart and the light shining in your eyes, we can feel the beauty of life, the World we share. My passion is to bring Spirit into both my life and yours by whatever means possible using all six senses including intuition such as Five Rhythms movement, the verve of a Samba class, practising yoga, playing tennis and indeed from whatever it is that makes you feel good. This groove can be strengthened by honouring the rhythms of Nature. My purpose in shiatsu sessions is to kindle that spark.


In the Oriental movement arts such as Karate, Judo and less combative forms like T'ai Chi, one of the key elements of practice is learning to move from the Belly or Hara. Posture improves, and everyday actions eg DIY tasks are easier to accomplish. You actually feel more centred in the energy of your own being.

The body's hidden message

Shiatsu is a way of listening to what is going on from the perspective of your body first and foremost, rather than from your mind. Developing a subtlety in looking beneath more obvious signs and symptoms is the path of being a shiatsu therapist. Shiatsu therefore honours Spirit as well as the body.

Shiatsu as the Fountain of Youth

On a practical level, when receiving Shiatsu, you may let go into a deeper place of rest and relaxation, which happens without any of your "doing", This rest acts like a safety valve setting you free from mental activity and any sense of being a "You" that needs to get better. A rejuvenating factor at play.

The Work in Sarajevo

For two consecutive years ie 2015/16, my Shiatsu journey has taken me to Sarajevo, making a small contribution to relieving the suffering of the people from the terrible wars in the mid 1990's that so ravaged Bosnia, Sarajevo itself and its oppressed people. I've experienced a great boost to my confidence and skills from providing 50-60 sessions over a fortnight with the local people who attend the clinics there.

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