How long is a session?

Generally a session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes; at the first session, there may be some more general questions about your health, identifying patterns over perhaps a longer time

What happens in a shiatsu session?

Some initial questions are appropriate to find out more about your lifestyle and how you relate to your own health. These conversations serve as a useful guide for the shiatsu therapy.

What is a good preparation for a shiatsu session?

Wear loose comfortable clothing preferably made from natural fibres to allow freedom and ease of movement

Should I tell my doctor if I'm having a session?

If you are in reasonably good health and you are coming with an open mind, there is no need to inform your doctor that you are receiving shiatsu. If, however, you have some condition and are taking medication, you may well mention this fact

What kind of ailments and contra-indications point to giving it a miss?

Any kind of viral infection, toxicity etc that is telling you to rest and heal, eg bad cold, heavy cough, painful swellings and exhaustion; here the message is surely to rest and recover

What advice do you have about eating before your session?

It's okay to eat a light meal before a session; nevertheless it is better that it is "light" and that it's consumed at least an hour, beforehand

How many sessions might I need and how often?

Curiosity is a very helpful quality since it helps the work go deeper; also your intention is important.

Can I have shiatsu just for pleasure even if I feel fine?

Yes of course. Receiving Shiatsu is a wonderful way to contact a beautiful clear space within and feel really nourished, and there is always room for improvement

What kind of things can Shiatsu help with?

  • all kinds of back pain issues, lower back pain, lumbar pain
  • high blood pressure and anxiety
  • joint pain eg the knees and elbows, hip mobility issues
  • healing at every level ie needing to relax more
  • emotional stress eg work issues, relationship breakdown
  • bodily and emotional disconnection
  • correcting distortions
  • insomnia and sleep-related issues
  • loss of energy, long winter syndrome, lack of motivation

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