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Welcome to my website. I am Kalandar and I have been practising shiatsu therapy for over three decades. My role is to guide you to greater well-being and self-confidence. I work mainly from my home. Visit the Kalandar page for full details.

How Shiatsu might help you?

A little stress can be a good thing, even beneficial because it helps keep us on our toes. But too much stress can have a negative impact. See the How shiatsu might help section: I explore some situations where shiatsu can catalyse a calmer, more grounded sense of well-being.

FAQ's section: preliminary questions you may have are set out here:

You are unique with your own individual set of circumstances and the art of Shiatsu will reflect back to you that uniqueness. Shiatsu is an extremely versatile and dynamic approach to mind-body healing.

What is Shiatsu?

How can Shiatsu benefit your well-being? Your questions are answered in this section and you can see what a session looks like in the short film as well

Contact Kalandar - Discuss your requirements re shiatsu sessions in Stroud or request a booking.

In the About Me section, I share my passion for Shiatsu and Life:

"My purpose is to kindle that same spark within you"

Within the Testimonials section, different individuals have commented on the experience of receiving Shiatsu from me, eg Keith Phillips:

"If you have a shiatsu from Kalandar, you're in very safe hands"

I practise mainly from home - access the Kalandar section for further details

Contact details

Go to the Contact Me page to arrange a session or make enquiries about Shiatsu or to find out how Shiatsu can be a force for good in your life,
or arrange to talk over the specific ways in which Shiatsu can help you.

You can also:

Phone: 01453 751980 or Mob: 07969-578745